Supervision of Project Writers

My supervision draws on my long successful experience and helps you to write succesful projects. Supervision will be carried out in English by Skype and email.

In new projects, my supervision will support you in all the steps of project writing:

  1. Identifying a succesful project idea
  2. Structuring of the project and of partnership
  3. Setting up of the management, quality assurance, dissemination strategies
  4. Drawing the budget
  5. Writing and submitting the application.

In projects already submitted my supervision will support you in:

  1. Checking if the project idea still falls under the priorities
  2. Identifying the strong and weak features of the application based on the feedback received by the evaluators
  3. Reviewing the project application according to the feedback received by evaluators

My supervision is offered only to project writers with previous experience, otherwise I suggest you to hire me for  training. My service is addressed to Organizations submitting their own projects, not to project writers working for third parties.

The cost for supervision on a single project is a fixed amount of 600 €. The fixed amount covers 3 activities on my side: these can be at your choice Skype meetings or written feedbacks on the drafted application (for example 1 Skye session for discussing the project idea and project structure and 2 written feedbacks on two drafted version of the project application). Additional Skype sessions or written feedbacks will be invoiced 90 € each.  In case the project is approved, an additional fee of 2.400 € is due. VAT has to be added if due.

For contacting me you can use the form below.

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