Formative Evaluation of European Projects

The external evaluator (…) has produced a Quality Handbook which contains, for each task, authorship, methodology, results I products, quality criteria, templates, blueprint of satisfaction questionnaires. The 2 external evaluation reports so far issued are very meticulous and try to convey both the views of the partners and the opinion of the evaluator. As each main item is completed by recommendations these are extremely useful tools for the implementation of the Project. (…)  The reports also contain very handy and helpful monitoring tables.

This is an excerpt about my work of External Evaluator from a recent Report (June 2015) produced by EACEA (one of the agencies of the European Commission in charge for project evaluation) approving the Interim report of a LLP multilateral project. The score assigned by EACEA to Evaluation and Quality assurance was 9/10.

Many European projects appoint an External Evaluator because his/her activities are beneficial for the project outcomes. The External Evaluator monitors the project, highlighting what is working properly as well as problem areas, and suggests solutions for improvement. Over the years, working as project writer, country manager, expert, project coordinator, project evaluator, I have gained a thorough expertise in European projects’ management, quality assurance, valorization of products and results and I can support the Coordinator and Partners to set up a monitoring plan and carry out their project smoothly and effectively.

I carry out my evaluation with a formative approach, acting as a ‘critical friend’ in supporting the Partnership to have a clearer view of how the project proceeds and in finding effective solutions to any incurred problem.

The aspects I can monitor are some the following:

  1. Management: the project work plan is carried out smoothly? Products are delivered with the requested features? Deadlines are matched? Cooperation amongst partners is good?
  2. Valorization: target groups know and use the products and methodologies developed by the project? Targets planned for dissemination and exploitation are met?
  3. Products: products and methodologies developed by the project are considered of high quality and appreciated by the target groups? How can their feedback be collected and elaborated?
  4. Impact: what is the effects of the project on attitudes / behaviors of members of target groups? How long will they last? How to measure them?

My work starts by helping the Partnership to structure a Monitoring plan, including the indicators, and to decide the tools and periodicity of data collection. All these are described in a Quality Handbook.

Then I start monitoring examining the communications amongst Partners, the main products, the minutes of face to face and Skype project meetings. Additionally when agreed with the Partnership I can collect further information by preparing and administering questionnaires targeted to specific aspects of the project. In some cases I participate to project meetings and I can be  consulted by the Coordinator and Partners on the best course(s) of action when dealing with a problem.

The results of my monitoring and, when needed, suggestions for improvement are described in periodic Reports.

The cost of my activity as External Evaluator is between 5,000 to 12,000 € depending on the length and dimension of the project, as well as on the number of trips and reports.

I can also train on project managing and project writing.

For contacting me you can use the form below.

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